Sweet vice
I’ve always been fascinated with how a simple meal prepared by one's mother at home often tastes better than an expensive meal in a restaurant. The ingredient of love makes all the difference.
After learning meditation in 1986 and becoming a vegetarian I soon had my first experience in the food industry on the streets of Johannesburg in South Africa. Street food carts had just become legal and I naively thought a vegetarian hot dog stand would be the biggest sensation in food. It wasn't... and after a few months, I sold the cart for less than I paid for it.
It served as a timely reminder that the real world does not always follow our dreams.
In the summer of 2016 at our meditation center in Wendelsheim in Rheinland Pfalz, we decided to transform a dysfunctional old bakery into a laboratory for producing this wonderful treat. One year later we started making ice cream by following the steps of an Italian company with many years of experience on the matter.

However, after 3 months the creative part in me became restless to abandon the beaten track to embrace a more innovative one.

We are the Pub
Number One
There are so many beers to try that you’ll easy want to come back to this laid back pub. 
The decorations bring you straight to the heart of Ireland and really give you the full experience. We combine a traditional Irish style with a sports bar feeling. You can easily watch your favorite sporting events at the pub since we have 27 widescreen TVs!

As owners who value Irish traditions, we hope you join in the tradition by bringing your own stool as they do in Ireland! No one touches it or dare to sit on it as you become part of the family. Join in on the fun by living the full Irish experience at our pub!

We pride ourselves on the layout of our pub and like to think of it as a maze of sorts. There are two levels and three bar counters that provide you with multiple options. If you feel like dancing then the ground floor is perfect for you. It is fun and a great place for those who want to dance and party. The second floor provides an area to check out your favorite sports and drink beer quietly. No matter your mood, you’ll find something to enjoy at our pub! During the summer the options are even greater, as we open a terrace for those who enjoy outside drinking. The terrace still brings an Irish feel, but the atmosphere inside is sure to excite those who want the full Irish experience!
The Yoga of Ice Cream
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