Paid survey service
Belogic provides companies with a wide range of solutions for creating surveys and the largest respondent base in Uzbekistan. For respondents Belogic offers a user-friendly application, large rewards and instant withdrawal.

About service
The BeLogic service allows your business to significantly save the time and money you would spend on classic surveys of your audience. Our service allows you to fine-tune your audience and conduct a survey of thousands of people in just a couple of days.
Admin office
Helping to make decisions
You'll receive your survey results in a couple of days, which will speed up your decision-making process considerably. The accuracy of your survey audience setup allows you to make decisions based not on the opinion of marketers, but on clear metrics that BeLogic will provide you with.

With BeLogic you can select your audience based on a wide range of parameters, such as location, age, marital status, employment, income level and the presence of children. This audience filtering will allow you to survey exactly your potential customers and get the most accurate data possible.
Survey results
App and website
Company office
Creating a survey
Taking the survey
Once a survey has been created by the customer, respondents are notified on their phone when surveys are available for them to take for a fee.

Once the survey has been completed, it is moderated by an operator, the respondent receives a reward and the customer receives a report of the results in their personal account.
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+99 (893) 181 47 27
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